Monday, September 24, 2007

Whats in it for......

us - well hopefully an enjoyable way to earn some money out of our hobby (and passion) as well as a way to meet new crafters and get to know people in our communities. I have already said this opportunity can be used to create a full time business or just enough to cover your own spending by what you make. You will be encourage to take the business wherever you want to and I for one won't be placing undue pressure on anyone to do things they are not happy with.

Do I have to be in the Midlands to sign up with you??

No not at all but I will be holding regular get togethers as well as product training sessions (OK lets call a spade a spade - our own crafting days!!!!) to help build a team spirit amongst those signing up through me or those signed up already with me.

Do I have to act like Miss Sales 2008??

Errr no I am sure there is a style of selling for everyone - for some it is a bit more high pressure than others. My own style is to let the products sell themselves. Once people see the quality of products, the prices and the fact that co-ordinated ranges are available I am sure the products will walk out of the door. The range is exceedingly popular in the US and we already see many of their products here through friends that buy on ebay and suchlike. Now is there chance to really see the products in use before they buy and understand properly how all the ranges and colours co-ordinate and assist people to produce something wonderful time and time again.

Hmmm I previously had a bad experience in this sort of selling - although I am still tempted...

Well personally I think a great deal of thought has gone into this product range and also the whole programme of selling - they have a wealth of experience in the US market and recently expanded into Canada and the southern hemisphere and things are going very well for the,. It is my aim to make this experience both enjoyable and profitable for all concerned and will be making sure that I put in place the right sort of support for everyone who signs up through me.

The latest news is that there is likely to be an up and running website sometime in October so I will be keeping an eye out for that


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