Thursday, December 6, 2007

Q&A Session with SU

Well I just spent a good 45 minutes on the phone talking with SU UK and have loads of info to share. So thought I would pop some of the things that might be of interest to you on here.

Well I have loads of answers and even more info than you could ever want!!!!

I spent 45 mins on the phone with Paula and this is what she said......

Is valid until October 2008 . We WILL be getting a mini in June as well which is really exciting!!

They will be starting work on the OCT 08/09 Catalogue soon and welcome feedback about stamp sets or other products people would like to see.

Sale-a-bration and other Promos
They have a programme planned that will be announced shortly. Some are US based some are more lcoal but whatever they will all be exciting opportunity to get a great deal!!!

Thinking of signing up?? - Demo Events
They are planning a roadshow for an open house event aimed at promoting the business more generally and recruiting more demos in particular. Existing demos are welcome to come along if they bring a prospect. There will be a registration procedure and the events will be held over the next year with the first phase being London, Birmingham and Bristol and the second more Northern venues and the third phase towards the end of the year out to the Countries - ie Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There is also some demo training planned with Paula and possibly other staff either from US or Germany, so if you sign up you will be eligible to attend these special days just for demonstrators.

There is to be a magazine launched for promotion - called "Impressions" and will be 4 pages with a 2 page insert. All demos will get a copy and initially it will be aimed at Europe with the hope that it will be localised at a later stage. They might possibly be looking for submissions as well at a later stage.

Paula has contacted the US web people regarding the upgrade to include names in the website for the UK. She is hoping to get them u as soon as possible. She is putting in place a process in the office which allows people that contact them to be given the names of their nearest demos but it is not up and running just yet but will be shortly.

The US website has also been upgraded and we will follow suit in due course but not immediately - didn't give a date. So we can look forward to a jazzed up new site shortly.

Survey Stamps
If you were a part of the Customer Panel they ran over the last year the stamps have gone out this week and should be with people Fri or Mon at latest. She has a list of who people are and will be contacting people Monday to make sure they have them.


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