Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Stampers 10

Sounds like something fun!
  • You need - 10 stampers
  • They need £15 plus orders each per month
  • They get a turn at being hostess with all the benefits of that
  • For 10 Months
If there are 10 of you located near each other who fancy a go at this please let me know. Delivery is to one address only so will need to be distributed by yourselves to your friends and family. You can also have smaller numbers with a larger spend so for e.g. 5 with £30 per month for 5 months

For £150 minimum spend you get a free stamp set plus an extra £15 to spend in the catalogue, At £200 sales you get £20 to spend and so on.

Get in touch if you are interested.


1 comment:

Dawn said...

Very classy I will have to remember to add recipes on the back great idea.