Saturday, April 16, 2011


I do enjoy scrapping photos but am a lazy moose when it comes to printing the things off and I haven't yet got myself organised to sort and send off for printing some of the 1000 I have on file.  I am currently sorting through rather alot in a very slow fashion after one of our computers died and was resurrected.  I need my own computer upstairs i think with my software on and so on as J uses the once family one for his work and I have difficulty getting onto it these days.

I am just quietly enjoying 10 mins to myself while the other two lazy mooses are snoring their heads off upstairs - I get to potter about, eat brekkie, feed the chickers and think about the day a bit - I enjoy that but I also enjoy a late night - we watched Harry Pitterpotter in DH1 last night so it was a late do by the time we got Cait in bed and sat down to watch.

I thought I would share the pages from my last scrap class.  We followed a basic template and then I added a few little techniques which people could choose to use or not as they wanted.  They could also select different photo layouts depending on what they wanted so they all came out differently, I do need to rationalise a bit as I think I squashed too much in as everyone only finished one double layout in the end.

OK my 5 mins is shattered pitter patter of little feet and now breakfast is required......



Anna said...

Lurrrve those homemade journalling spots.

Vicky Hayes said...

Love the journalling spots too and the punched circles-and-brad embellishments too. Your early mornings sound like mine in the holidays!