Thursday, September 8, 2011

Club Time

I am launching a new club to align with the new catalogue.  This time the amount for entry is £15 and there will be 10 places.  It will last for 10 months and each person will get a turn at being the hostess and getting to spend the lovely new hostess spends of £25 of Catalogue goodies.  There are still hostess only items and these represent better value for money BUT if you don't fancy them you can spend the whole lot on something else.

Please get in touch if you fancy spreading the cost of your hobby and managing your spend to a budget - this is a great way of doing that.

Total cost of order will be £15 plus £3 towards postage.  If items are particularly heavy I reserve the right to charge the extra required to post them out to you. 

Its so exciting - we will have a whole new world of stamps to buy from!!! I am hoping to get some sneak peak projects completed this week and up on my blog - just need everything else to take a back seat for a few days

If you join the club, there is a free catalgoue and in April if there is a Mini there will also be a Free Mini as part of the Club benefits.

You can email me at


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