Thursday, September 20, 2007

How does it work?

Alot depends on how YOU want it to work.It is a party plan product - meant to be sold at "at home" parties with a demonstration and chat followed by catalogue browsing, chatting and hopefully ordering! Initially for parties you will need to find some friends to host but you will find that once the ball is rolling that it will be easy to pick one or more parties up at even the smallest event - they are such fun and the products such good value no one wants to miss out! Even the most die hard non crafter will find it difficult to resist buying from you.

You are paid on a commission basis for the orders you receive and have to pay postage on each order you place. It is also necessary to purchase certain stationery such as catalogues, leaflets and order forms although other forms can be downloaded from the website for printing off yourself.

As far as it is known at the moment there will be a key UK contact who will be an employee of SU and the call centre will be based in Germany as will the Warehouse. Goods will be shipped to you from there (Normal delivery within the EU is 5 days) and no duty is payable from there although it is yet to be clarified what happens about VAT but I am sure it will all be explained in the papers you get when you sign up.

There is a starter kit to be purchased at £155 and this will include stamping up basic product kit and also all the information and forms you will need to start up. I am assuming t will be the same as the USA starter kit and you can see that on lone on their website.



Kate said...

Good luck Rach, let us know how it goes. I looked at joining TLC once, but you had to convert all the prices from $ before each party it was too much hassle.

Hazel said...

The scheme looks good - I hope it works out well for you.

Paula said...

Good luck Rachel. If your master plan fits in with my master plan, I might be interested. I'll keep an eye on you LOL

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

I'm right there with Paula and the master plan comment and will be watching with interest! If I don't end up selling I will certainly be buying - a huge fan of SU!!