Saturday, March 6, 2010

Competition Time

Well over on they are celebrating a Birthday Big Style and there are a range of competitions and a whole range of prizes for the next 10 days!!! Yes you read that right 10 Days.

So come along and see what is on offer and here is a piccie of the two prizes that I am offering. The Scrap Kit has been won by Jackie - who has been knitting and organising knitters like fury for the KidsCompany knitting drive and who knows how many scarves are now in production (I just finished No. 3 myself) so very well deserved.

So come along and see what we are up to and join in if you want to.


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Kath said...

Thank you so much,Rachel. My stamps arrived this afternoon. I am looking forward to playing with them. I havan't had any Stampin up ones before although I have had lots of the lovely paper.
Thank you again . Kath