Sunday, February 20, 2011

Million and One

Things to do and here I am....

No photies today to share but I have been crafting so some more over the next few days.  So far we are at 6 Thanks you notes and 10 St Patrick's day cards.  Got another 10 Easter cards to do and have been surfing looking for some ideas for those.  I usually do these every year for my Mother-in-law.  We have all been out for a birthday meal for her tonight she was 80 on Thursday so quite a milestone!  My Dad's turn for a birthday on Sunday.  So lots of cards being made but can't be shown just yet :-)

I have also been prepping for a Scrapbooking class on 21st March and Card class next Thursday - 24th Feb.  I then have three parties in the first two weeks of March (How did that happen) plus a couple of fun days thrown in then later in march a training day - all of which need cards, make and takes and swaps - arghghgh why do I do this to myself - lol.

Work wise I was looking forward to finishing on 7th March, but ermmm thats on hold temporarily!  They have found me another project for a couple of months so just waiting for that to be formalised and being somewhat busy sorting a few things out!

Right signing off to go and do a crafty job before retiring!  Night all.

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