Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scrippity scrappity

I have over promised and underdelivered with photos recently - my photo software is still not installed anywhere following some problems and I am hoping that "the Grumps" (he is giving up smoking so somewhat tetchy) will sort his stuff out over the next day or so so that we can finalise what computers are going where and I can do a software sort out get my craft robo going again and fix the photo stuff - hoorah!!

Anyway some unedited piccies of scrap pages from recent classes.  Starting with natures walk, then finishing with Beau Chateau. Enjoy.

One of my ladies just retired from the Bee Society where she worked for some time so the last one was a little nod in her direction :-)

Notice no piccies as yet - lol.   Remember all image copyright is Stampin' Up!

And Beau Chateau

There are a couple of generic non stampin Up! things on there such as basic cream tags, what I used to call a pay envelope (yes I am old enough to have had an envelope with payslip and cash in!!) and a bit of handmade paper I wanted for the texture and a piece of eco mount board which we had fun altering and daubing with the glittery paints/ink as well.


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