Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Overload?? NO SUCH THING

Oh my - its only the middle of November and already I have more Christmas Card designs than I know what to do with and need some more too - another 3 for tomorrow and another three for next week.... I love Christmas Crafting though so its no bad thing.  I am also going to try and blog a bit more regularly on the run up to Christmas and pick up again in the new year on at least a weekly basis.  I supposedly have more free time on my hands these days - but as usual work expands to fit available time and frankly - if it brought a bit more money in - I would be completely loving it and not looking for another job at all - the craft room however looks like a bomb has hit it - so that is next on my list!!

The first two button cards were for a magazine article and show how with ordinary everyday things its possible to create a card that is fun, and that you can easily do with kids.

The following cards were featured in recent classes and everyone made more than the three in an hour and a half - even the complete beginners!!



Mandy said...

Beautiful designs Rachel! You have been a busy girl.


Olivia Frazier said...