Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Free Class - and Market Research :-)

This is aimed at business folks and potential customers! I am looking at putting together a local advertising plan and am interested from a business point of view what is working (please only what you have actually done rather than suggestions - thanks) and from a customer point of view how you connected or became aware of a business offering - in particular for craft classes. I am currently looking for regular class attendees for scrapping, fabric fun and cardmaking and run a range of day and evening.
And if there is anyone in or around Warwick I have a cardmaking class on 6th March at 10.30am which I am running for a donation to the Open Door Cafe I am running it in (its a social enterprise/community cafe). 

It will be two simple cards suitable for beginners or more advanced, I have decided to run it for free this session to test some waters. Booking is essential please so I can have enough supplies to hand.

In return I will be asking a few questions for discussion whilst we are card making and I am sure the Cafe would appreciate a few coffees being indulged in as well :-)

Photos are getting closer - the software is in the hosue and installed - need to sort where my watermark is and then i can share share share :-)

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